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Pet Therapy

Last updated: 11.39am, Tuesday 24th April 2018 by

Residents of Westerton Care Home welcome Sharon, along with her fantastic dog Sky through their doors for daily pet therapy sessions!

Sky, a fully qualified Therapet, is the loving and well-behaved companion of Westerton Care Homes Therapet owner Sharon. Sky has brought much joy to residents during the therapy sessions, who delight in petting and cuddling her.

The Therapet programme trains animals to promote health and happiness through animal-assisted therapy. Pet therapy is particularly beneficial for people living with dementia as it is believed to improve moods and have a calming effect, as well as rekindling fond memories. The therapy aids reminiscence and communications for people living with dementia, helping to induce positive memories.

Activities Coordinator at Westerton said: “Sky is a loving and friendly dog. She loves being petted by residents, and the residents thoroughly enjoy having her around. She is very well behaved, and I will certainly be bringing her back for plenty more Therapet sessions in the future!”

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