Westerton Care Home’s employees are frequently asked questions about how we do things, ranging from how we conduct our daily activities to how our rooms perfectly accommodate our residents, to how to make vital financial decisions throughout your stay with us. It’s safe to say that we’ve heard it all, and we’ve always been more than happy to respond to absolutely any question that springs to mind. 

As a result, we’ve created a list of as many as we can below, and we’ve done our best to respond to each and every one. We invite you to take a look around, and if you have any further questions by the time you get to the bottom of the page, we’d be happy to talk to you about them directly.

Care Questions

Our employees are trained on a regular basis to guarantee that all of our residents receive the 24-hour, around the clock care that they require and expect. Our professionals are kept up to date on everything from physical medical training to emotional support training in order to provide our residents with the finest experience Westerton Care Home has to offer.

From the time you arrive at Westerton Care Home, our staff will always go out of their way to make sure that your stay with us is as smooth as possible. Our Head of Care will be glad to meet with you in person prior to your admission to discuss your needs and requirements and to tell you more about Westerton Care Home. This will be your initial assessment, and you will receive regular reassessments throughout your time with us. 

Here at Westerton Care Home, we welcome our residents’ family members and friends with open arms. We always want them to feel as cared for and looked after just as much as the residents themselves, from the very instant they walk through the doors. We assure you that our residents’ loved ones are also valuable members of the Westerton Care Home Family, and any assistance they require will be provided by our lovely, kind staff.

We can arrange for a whole variety of services to come and visit the house or for our residents to personally visit them in their specialist location. Westerton Care Home provides its residents with access to a wide range of outside medical services, including opticians, dentists, and physiotherapy specialists, so you can be certain that you or a loved one will be well cared for while residing with us.

Our residents at Westerton have access to nursing care 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. We can assist and care for people with physical disabilities, those who are terminally ill, those who have high dependency needs, and those who become infirm thanks to our professional and dedicated personnel here at Westerton Care Home.

Experienced qualified nurses and care assistants assist the manager with absolutely everything they can. The way of delivering nursing care is known as key nursing. Each resident is assigned a nurse who will quickly become a familiar face, answering any questions or concerns you or your family members may have. In the event that your nurse is unavailable, you will be cared for by another different, but equally prepared and dedicated key worker.

We provide twenty-four-hour nursing care for our residents at Westerton Care Home, and their well-being is always our main focus. A Primary Care Nurse will be assigned to you, who will discuss and assess your needs, design a person-centred Care Plan, and continuously monitor and review your care throughout your entire time with us. All of our employees (who are always identified by name and designation on badges) have all been picked for their experience, friendliness, and devotion to their positions and all of our residents.

Care during Covid-19 Questions

The limit on how long residents and their relatives can see each other has been relaxed now that many of the original COVID-19 restrictions have been lifted. There is currently no time limit on how long visitors can stay with their loved ones.

Should you decide that this is the path you wish to take, we would ask you to consider carefully any decision you make and the effect it has on your loved one and the rest of our residents, and we would like to offer assistance and advice on any ramifications this decision may have. We will continue to assist and guide where we can in order to provide alternative solutions.

We will continue to safely admit new residents during this difficult time, just like we did before, with protocols in place to protect the safety and well-being of our present residents and employees. Prior to the agreed-upon admission date, each new admission from the hospital will require two negative COVID-19 tests. A minimum of one negative test will be required for any other new admittance. For the first 14 days, all new residents are separated to avoid cross-contamination.

We are required by various standards and guidelines to monitor all employees for any symptomatic presentation on a daily basis. All employees are well-versed in the symptoms of COVID-19 and how it spreads, as well as a plethora of infection prevention and control techniques.

There has been a lot of publicity in the media concerning care facilities not having enough personal protective equipment. To put your mind at ease, Westerton Care Home has had no trouble obtaining personal protective equipment (PPE) through our supply channels, and we also receive assistance from the Social Care Partnership. We will continue to keep an eye on the issue on a daily basis, however, and let you know if absolutely anything changes.

If you would like to visit us at Westerton Care Home, that’s fantastic news. We would love to see you. We’re available to visit formally between 10:00 and 12:00, as well as 14:00 and 16:00 between Monday and Friday if you’d like to book in advance. However, we are open between 9 am and 4 pm most days if you’d just like to pop in.

Facilities Questions

Feel free to take as much time as you need to settle into your new home since our experienced crew will always be there to lend a helping hand as and when you need it. We’re incredibly passionate about greeting and integrating each resident to their new home and making them feel like they’re part of the Westerton Care Home family.

Personal objects, such as photographs, ornaments, and other mementoes, are welcomed into your room to make it genuinely your own. From the time you arrive at Westerton Care Home, our staff will always go above and beyond to make your stay with us is as enjoyable as possible. We will make every effort to make your time with us is filled with happiness and comfort.

Unfortunately, except for visitors, we are unable to accommodate pets at Westerton Care Home. We apologise for any inconveniences this imposes.

Friends and family are welcome to visit as frequently as they like, and we do love to encourage them to participate actively in life at Westerton Care Home. However, knowing if any visitors are expected after 9 p.m. is always helpful for security reasons.

Residents are encouraged to participate in group activities and events by our fantastic teams of Activities Co-ordinators.  They’ll also spend one-on-one time with each and every resident, encouraging any hobbies, memory sessions, or shopping trips you might want to do.  Individual therapy treatments can also be customised to meet your specific requirements, and they’re always on offer to all of our residents.

We provide a range of weekly services for all of our residents because we are fortunate enough to have an independent professional hairdresser who loves to visit our hair salon on a regular basis. It doesn’t matter if you need a weekly shampoo and set or a short back and sides; a little pampering, we believe, can go a long way toward boosting your self-esteem.

Our in-house chefs and kitchen staff cater to all dietary needs, with a varied breakfast, lunch, and high tea menu to choose from. If you want, you can have lunch with your family and friends. M meals can also be served in the dining area, or even in your own room. Sandwiches, toast, yoghurts, and fresh fruit are offered all night long, even after your evening meal. In addition, beverages and snacks are available in the lounge areas throughout the day.

Finance Questions

Yes, a trial period with us at Westerton Care Home is certainly an option. Scheduling a trial stay with us is a terrific way to figure out exactly what you want and whether you want to be a permanent member of the Westerton Care Home family. It is also possible to arrange for a loved one to participate in a trial term to see if Westerton Care Home is the appropriate match for them.

The cost of your stay at Westerton Care Home is unlikely to change if your circumstances and care plan remain constant throughout your stay with us. Your overall charge may change if there are changes in your daily activities or excursion plans, and if that is the case, your care plan is modified to account for any additional costs.

Not all of your activities are covered by your fee, unfortunately, but we’d like to make clear that most of our in-home activities won’t cost you any extra. It’s only external excursions that might add a little bit of money to your bill, but these will be made very clear and will remain a regular and reasonable price.

If you’re staying with us for Residential Care, you’re free to maintain your financial freedom and make such decisions on your own. No matter what care you’re receiving here, we want to promote dignity and independence for each and every one of our residents, so you can remain in control however much you would like. However, we want to assist you in the most efficient and effective manner possible, so please let us know if you’d rather someone else at Westerton Care Home handle your money instead of you.

Depending on your particular circumstances (Funded Nursing Care or Continuing Health Care), you may be eligible for either Local Authority or NHS funding (Funded Nursing Care or Continuing Health Care). We strongly encourage you to seek independent financial advice either online or in-person before exploring any potential funding sources, as they have the potential to be dangerous if not thoroughly investigated.

You are paying for both your housing and your meals when you pay your initial fee. You will also receive the care you require from our trained nurses and teams, as well as visits to dentists and opticians, as well as any activities you may be participating in, such as day trips or evening dinners out, all as part of your overall charge. If you want to get any salon treatments or schedule any special hair appointments, you can expect to pay a little more on top of your regular fee.

Rooms & Suites Questions

When it comes to relocating and feeling more at home, it’s usually the smallest details that make the biggest difference. There’s plenty of space at Westerton Care Home to make your room feel like your own home away from home, from personal belongings like photographs and interior decorations to smaller pieces of furniture and keepsakes. You’re invited to really make your room feel like yours, and we’re here to support you throughout the entire process.

Every single one of our bedrooms comes with its very own en-suite bathroom, to ensure our residents are getting the privacy they need and deserve. Each en-suite has been designed with the resident in mind, so each bathroom has a variety of additions and facilities that are guaranteed to make life easier.

Every single of our four rooms has central heating installed, so don’t worry about fighting off the chill. They also all have access to WiFi in their rooms, and each one has a telephone point. Our favourite feature? Easy. We love how every room has French door access to the garden or balcony, depending on which floor your room is located on.

There is space for 106 residents at Westerton Care Home. All of our rooms are single occupancy.

Yes, at Westerton Care Home all of our rooms come fully equipped with a variety of machinery that make living everyday life that little bit easier both for our residents and the members of our dedicated team. In the bathrooms, there are grab rails and raised toilet seats to make using the bathroom simpler for our residents, as well as nursing beds complete with mechanical hoists and stand aids located in the main room.

No, all of our residents live together and no one is separated, no matter what type of care they might require. The only area that’s more dedicated to any one area of care is our ground floor, where the majority of our dementia residents reside, although our dementia care does continue throughout our home depending on the resident’s individual needs.

Carry on Doing What You Love at Westerton

We always want to be able to establish a home where people feel ready to face the day and that their ideas and opinions are valued, no matter what. This result can only be achieved by working together as a team to ensure that our residents are as happy as possible and that we can give our residents the most fulfilling life possible to match. We recognise just how incredibly important it is to get to know each of our residents and their families so that we may continue to provide the best possible individualised care to each and every one of them.