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Arts & Crafts

There’s always something fresh and exciting on our Activities Programme at Westerton Care Home, from painting and sewing, to drawing and photography. We recognise the numerous advantages of keeping an active and creative lifestyle for residents, which is why Arts & Crafts are always on the calendar.

Participating in artistic pursuits has long been regarded as a relaxing pastime as well as a fantastic way to meet new people. Because of the many physical and mental benefits of crafting, we provide a variety of activities and encourage our residents to get imaginative.

Residents of all types are encouraged to join and be as creative as possible; whether they’re an artist at heart or simply enjoy participating, our fantastic team is on hand to help them at every lesson.

Offering a Variety of Facilities at Westerton

All of the programmes and services at Westerton Care Home were designed and developed with the goal of improving the lives of our residents. Our broad Activities Programme is always evolving, with the goal of entertaining and motivating residents to engage each week. Each week brings a fresh set of activities tailored just for our residents, ranging from inside activities such as flower arrangement to outdoor day trips to the picturesque Bearsden.

We encourage our residents to participate in our Activities Programme by giving them abundant opportunities to explore new things in a secure, supervised, and regulated environment, and by giving them the confidence they need to live a fulfilling life.

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Stimulating Classes

When it comes to our Arts & Crafts programmes at Westerton Care Home, we’ve always looked to our residents and pleasant surroundings for inspiration. All classes are created with our amazing residents in mind, with the goal of motivating and inspiring everyone who takes part.


Arts & Crafts FAQs

We understand that our residents and their families want to learn everything they can about living at Westerton Care Home before deciding to join us. To make things a little easier, we’ve compiled a list of the most frequently asked Arts & Crafts questions:

Each of our Arts & Crafts sessions are unique and enjoyable, with each class focused on a different project. We provide a variety of activities for residents to participate in, ranging from drawing, to origami and sewing. Arts and crafts have been shown to benefit people of all ages, including the elderly, by generating positive effects to mental health and, of course, a tremendous sense of accomplishment from producing something from scratch.

As your work is yours and yours alone, you are entitled to do as you please. Residents are welcome to proudly exhibit their creations in their rooms or give them to friends, family members, or fellow residents.

All activities, including art supplies, that residents take part in at Westerton Care Home are included in the overall fee. Individual exceptions may exist, but they are handled on a case-by-case basis and discussed directly with residents and their family members.

Residents are welcome to attend as many or as few arts & crafts sessions as they wish at Westerton Care Home. Sessions normally range from 1-3 hours, depending on the activity at hand. Every week, new schedules and activities are created, ensuring that there are never dull moments.

Care That Puts You First

Our staff at Westerton Care Home is committed to providing unsurpassed care, support, and services to all residents 24 hours a day, seven days a week. It brings us great pleasure to provide diverse care in a welcoming and safe environment; our staff works closely with residents and their families to ensure that every need is met and that our residents feel at ease from the moment they arrive.

Our medical care is guided by the objective to enhance residents’ well-being. We can meet both health and welfare demands by cultivating deep connections and long-lasting relationships with residents and their loved ones.

Our approach goes beyond providing care needs; our aim is to care for the entire individual, allowing people to live an enriched and diverse life. We recognise that frequent engagement with creative tasks is linked to improved psychological function, which is why Arts & Crafts classes are always included in our Activities Programme.

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