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There’s always something fresh and exciting on our Activities Programme at Westerton Care Home, from painting and sewing, to drawing and photography. We recognise the numerous advantages of keeping an active and creative lifestyle for residents, which is why arts and crafts are always on the calendar.

Participating in artistic pursuits has long been regarded as a relaxing pastime as well as a fantastic way to meet new people. Because of the many physical and mental benefits of crafting, we provide a variety of activities and encourage our residents to get imaginative.

Residents of all types are encouraged to join and be as creative as possible; whether they’re an artist at heart or simply enjoy participating, our fantastic team is on hand to help them at every lesson.

Arts & Crafts Suited to All

Westerton Care Home’s arts & crafts activities are a great way to bring residents from all walks of life together. Participating in arts & crafts classes gives many of our residents the confidence to get to know their neighbours and potentially make friends with people they might not have had the chance to meet otherwise. Whether it’s making homemade Play-Doh, painting by numbers, or baking biscuits, there’s always a fun-filled activity to get involved with.

Attending arts & crafts classes has been proven to improve symptoms of anxiety, depression, loneliness, and even dementia, according to studies. These restorative techniques can help us participate in mindfulness, keeping us in the present moment, and can help with a depressive state and relax residents. Arts & Crafts, regardless of the creation, has a plethora of long-term positive impacts on a person’s wellbeing, making it a truly inclusive activity that can be enjoyed by all of our residents.

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Stimulating Classes

When it comes to our Arts & Crafts programmes at Westerton Care Home, we’ve always looked to our residents and pleasant surroundings for inspiration. All classes are created with our amazing residents in mind, with the goal of motivating and inspiring everyone who takes part.


What You’ll Find at Westerton

At our care home, we prioritise the well-being of our residents by creating a home-from-home environment to offer both comfort and individualised support through a multitude of facilities and services.

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Arts & Crafts FAQs

Any materials or tools that residents use to complete their arts and crafts projects will be covered by our fees.

Residents can make whatever they wish, however some examples of what we have previously done include flower arranging, finger painting, mosaic making, knitting and making seasonal decorations.

Residents can keep any pieces of art that they make. However, If a member of the activities team feels their work is exceptionally good, they may ask to have it displayed in the home.

Tailored Care That Goes The Extra Mile

Situated in Bearsden, Glasgow, our care home offers a wide range of care services. We believe in the importance of providing every resident with exceptional care and the freedom to pursue their hobbies, interests, and make new connections.

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