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Dementia Care

Our loving care home was founded on the principle that each person should be given every opportunity to live independently in a supportive and caring environment. We strive to ensure that residents with greater care needs, such as dementia, are able to make the most of their day by offering the appropriate level of support.

Our Dementia Care team has undergone comprehensive training in all aspects of dementia and provides care in a safe and welcoming environment. Frustrations and tensions associated with dementia can be reduced thanks to a combination of appropriate medical care and daily planned social and recreational activities.

Dementia Care & Everyday Life

Westerton Care Home understands that no two people are the same, and that some residents with dementia may only require minor assistance in managing their daily life, while others may demand considerably more. Our care philosophy is designed to help residents preserve a sense of independence for as long as feasible.

All residents are greeted with open arms into our home, a home that is filled with love, compassion, and happiness, and which provides active, fun days and stress-free evenings.

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What is Dementia Care?

We are able to provide unrivalled care to our residents because of our experience working with those who have memory loss and many other dementia-related symptoms. We provide a variety of facilities and services at Westerton Care Home to help our residents live independently in a comfortable and engaging environment. There is no one-size-fits-all strategy to aiding residents with dementia, which is why our dementia care plans at Westerton Care Home are totally customised to each individual situation.

Our dementia team is proud to provide personal and social care, as well as support that enables a relaxing atmosphere and greater engagement for residents living with dementia, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

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The Dementia Care We Provide at Westerton Care Home

At Westerton Care Home, we are so pleased to be able to offer exceptional Dementia Care. For persons living with dementia, our home is designed to provide a safe, caring, and welcoming setting. Our staff has received high-quality, specialised training in the most up-to-date dementia approaches and research procedures, ensuring that residents and their loved ones receive only the best care. Our staff spends time getting to know our residents, working with their families and those closest to them to construct an authentic picture of their lives in order to replicate the ideal lifestyle.

From the architecture and design of the home to the cutlery provided at mealtimes, our facility was designed specifically to accommodate residents with dementia, and it is examined regularly to ensure that every detail of the home is most fit for purpose.

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Care That Puts You First

We strive to provide care that is well beyond the necessary medical care, and personal assistance for residents overall, ensuring the general health and wellness of all residents is taken care of.

Person-centered care enables our staff to collaborate closely with residents and their families to develop well tailored care plans that address all medical and lifestyle needs.

We continue to prioritise all health and cultural needs within a comfortable, inviting, and engaging atmosphere here at Westerton Care Home.

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Dementia Care Inclusives

The staff at Westerton Care Home provide a variety of services to ensure our residents live as comfortable and pleasurable a life as possible, from regular GP appointments to Opticians visits:

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Regular Dentist Appointments

Residents can visit our expert dentist for general oral health care, as well as to prevent and/or cure oral health problems. This service is included in the overall fee of the care home.

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Trips to The Opticians

Our residents get regular visits with an optician, who assesses and discusses their visual needs. This service is included in the care home’s overall cost.

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Access to a Chiropodist

Our private Chiropodist visits residents regularly to diagnose and treat foot injuries, heal infections, and relieve pain.

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Physiotherapy Sessions

Residents can attend physiotherapy sessions held at the home on a regular basis. The Physiotherapy sessions involve chair-based exercises supervised by a qualified physiotherapist. Regular attendance is found to provide many benefits for residents of all ages, such as improved strength, flexibility, and balance.

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Visits to a GP

Residents can visit their local GP on a frequent basis as part of a routine check up. Residents can travel on their own or accompanied. The expense is included in the care home’s overall cost.

Carry on Doing What You Love at Westerton

The Old Kilpatrick Hills can be seen from Westerton Care Home, which is located in East Dunbartonshire’s idyllic town of Bearsden. Panoramic views compliment the peaceful ambience our home gives to residents, loved ones, and staff. The interior decor has been carefully considered to maintain pleasant surroundings inside the home. On a daily basis, our staff provides exceptional medical and social care to residents, allowing them to live the comfortable and worry-free lives they deserve.

The care home staff, from the office through to medical team leaders, carers to cleaners; all contributed to making my mum feel at home, safe and happy, especially during these difficult times. They have completely reassured me and helped me cope with the difficulties this pandemic has brought. Thank you.” Review from Colin S (Son of Resident), via

We are committed to providing high standards of care for our residents as well as peace of mind for close friends and family members at Westerton Care Home.

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