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Our residents’ well-being is our primary focus, it always has been and we can assure you that it always will be. Our teams create and follow person-centred care plans, before continuing to monitor and review your care throughout your entire stay with us. At Westerton, we offer an all-inclusive care package to everyone and adopt a holistic approach to care so that we can provide the best care possible in a mixed living environment. We want to make sure that all of our residents and their families know that no matter what time of day it is, we will be there to help overcome any obstacles and will provide a continuum of care as care needs develop.

Nothing makes us happier than when our residents call Westerton Care Home their home. Our residents should always be treated with respect, decency, and comfort, and just because they have chosen to live in a care facility doesn’t mean that they have to lose an ounce of independence or dignity. We place a high level of focus on retaining freedom at Westerton Care Home, and you may rest assured that this will continue with as much or as little support from our teams that our residents want. 

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