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Cinema Room

Stepping food into a movie theatre and losing yourself in a film really does have the power to transport you to another world; it may make you laugh, cry, and even reflect on past experiences. There really is nothing like a trip to the movies to bring you back to your childhood, and let you live in your own world, even if it is just for a short while. 

We are proud to provide our residents with a large range of films from which to choose, as well as being able to create a cosy place for our residents to feel even more connected throughout their stay with us at Westerton Care Home. We created our cinema room so that our residents and their loved ones had a space where they felt one hundred percent at ease, and where they could feel free to be themselves. It really is, in our opinion, the perfect spot at Westerton Care Home for friends, family, and loved ones to sit back, relax, and make memories together.

Let The World of Cinema Transport You

We all know that there is only one way to experience and appreciate what gifts the big screen has to offer, and that is by sitting comfortably and watching it on, literally, a BIG screen. So, that’s why from all of us at Westerton Care Home, we urge you to do just that. We recommend taking the following steps: take a seat in our luxury, state-of-the-art cinema room, and relax as much as you can while enjoying your favourite films. 

We offer the opportunity for residents to rent out our cinema room where they can spend time with loved ones in a private setting. It’s the perfect spot for our residents to unwind together while escaping for an hour or two into another world entirely. So, whether you’re settling in time to see an old favourite or you’re itching to see something brand new, Westerton Care Home cinema has a seat with your name well and truly on it.

Cinema Room

Offering a Variety of Facilities at Westerton

When we say that Westerton Care Home has something for everyone, we really do mean it. There’s always something for our residents to enjoy, from our beautiful entertainment facilities, which cater to a wide range of styles and resident preferences, to our cuisine and recreation alternatives. 

We really do recognise that our new residents might feel like they have to put their lives on hold when they move into Westerton Care Home, however we want to highlight that this is certainly not the case. We constantly want and actively encourage our seniors to try new things, or alternatively stick to their favourite activities. As long as what they’re doing makes them happy, then so are we.

Cinema Room

Bringing The Big Screen to You

We have a range of projectors and screens in the communal lounge areas, where we are able to bring the cinema experience to residents and put on films and TV for all interests, whether that’s a football match or Christmas films during the festive season.

Watching a film, whether that’s alone or with a cherished friend or family member, can really improve your mental and emotional health, not to mention your creativity, memory, and overall curiosity. Whether you want to indulge in an old classic, or you fancy broadening your horizons with a film you’ve never seen before, there are genres for all preferences. Getting immersed in a great film is one of life’s simplest pleasures, and we don’t see why that should ever disappear at Westerton Care Home.

Cinema Room

Our Cinema; What’s On & What You Should Know

After having recently redecorated and given the area a whole new design, our cinema’s walls are now adorned with some of Hollywood’s most well-known faces, so where better to watch your favourite movies than with your closest friends and Hollywood’s greatest stars? You won’t be surprised to know that our cinema room has actually become, if we do say so ourselves, a favourite hangout spot for residents at Westerton Care Home.

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Sweet & Savoury Snacks

There’s no need to queue when it comes to Westerton Care Home’s very own private cinema room, and you won’t even have to leave your recliner if you don’t want to! Whether you choose sweet or salty popcorn, chocolates, or your favourite sweets for your perfect movie snack, the choice is entirely yours. Find your ultimate tasty treat and relax with us.

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A Wide Selection of Movies

We really don’t mean to brag, but our film collection is already fairly substantial, and when we tell you that we anticipate that it will continue to expand in the future, we’re certainly not joking around! So, if we don’t have your favourite movie in our collection right now, rest assured that it will be added to our library soon.

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VIP Treatment

We urge our residents and their loved ones alike to settle into their chairs and enjoy their favourite movies on a big, wide-screen TV, the way they were meant to be seen. The VIP treatment definitely goes a long way with each of our residents, and we ensure they get everything but the red carpet while enjoying our exceptional cinema room.

Cinema Room

Carry on Doing What You Love at Westerton

We work so hard to build strong relationships with all of our residents and their families throughout their stay with us at Westerton Care Home, guaranteeing that the combination of high-quality care and a desire to help people live life to the fullest enables us to provide service that consistently surpasses expectations. Westerton Care Home has a wide range of facilities, allowing us to give the best medical care and support to all of our residents, while also ensuring they’re able to continue living their life to the fullest.

Care That Puts You First

Regardless of the issues that COVID-19 have brought and may continue to bring, we always seek to establish long-term relationships with all of our residents, so that they can always have faith in their potential to live a full and happy life, and our ability to help them get there. We take our commitment to all residents, as well as those closest to them, extremely seriously. We constantly take pride in being able to provide our residents with the greatest level of medical care and assistance available, while also still maintaining a safe and enjoyable environment in which everyone feels entirely at ease and totally comfortable with their living situations.

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Chat with Us Today

We’re thrilled to have the chance to speak with you, about everything and anything you’d like (although, we’re usually better at answering questions about what life is like here at Westerton Care Home). You can always contact us by calling 0141 942 5834, or even by sending an email to if you have any queries or concerns. Alternatively, if you feel your question isn’t quite as pressing, you can fill out our online Enquiry Form and a member of our helpful team will be sure to contact you as shortly.

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