Hair Salon

Hair Salon & Treatment Room

Maintaining one’s independence involves looking good and feeling confident, and a trip to the Hair Salon can help all residents achieve these goals.

Our residents are invited to visit our Hair Salon, which has been pleasantly decorated to provide a calm atmosphere in which they can sit back and enjoy being pampered by our experienced staff who are available 5 days a week.

The staff at Westerton Care Home is made up of enthusiastic, qualified experts that go above and beyond to ensure that all residents have a great experience, feel confident, and look forward to their next visit.

Hair Treatments

Our professional team of hair experts invites all of our residents to take advantage of this wonderful service. We believe that looking and feeling good is important for our residents as it can help them develop confidence, independence, and feel connected to the community.

Our talented Westerton staff is looking forward to helping residents in achieving their dream hair. The Hair Salon is a fantastic area for our residents to unwind and relax. Our Hair Salon is equipped with comfy chairs, and our experienced hairdressers are available for all residents for haircuts, colours, and blow dries – whatever they desire. A little pamper can truly make someone feel like a new person.

Resident Having Their Hair Cut
Hair Salon Tools

Offering a Variety of Facilities at Westerton

We encourage all of our residents at Westerton Care Home to participate in a variety of activities. We take special care to ensure that our programmes include a varied range of activities that are as inclusive as possible; whether our residents have prior experience in a certain field or wish to try something that’s new to them, we have something for everyone.

Hair Salon
Hair Salon

The Importance of Feeling Your Best

We put a large focus on health and wellness here at Westerton Care Home. We understand and value the benefits of living life to the fullest, so ensuring that our residents can indulge in a pamper in order to feel their best is vital to us; our Hair Salon is the place to be.

Resident Having Their Hair Cut
Hairdressing Accessories
Hair Salon

Carry on Doing What You Love at Westerton

The wide range of facilities at Westerton Care Home enables us to provide the greatest medical care and support to all of our residents. Their health and ability to live a happy life are equally important. We work hard to form deep connections with all of our residents and their families, ensuring that the combination of high-quality care and a desire for people to live life to the fullest enables us to provide a service that exceeds expectations every day.

Care That Puts You First

We find delight in being able to give the highest degree of medical treatment and assistance to our residents while also maintaining a safe and pleasurable environment in which everyone feels completely at ease.

We take our commitment to all residents very seriously, as well as those closest to them. Regardless of the problems that COVID-19 may bring, we strive to build long-term connections with all residents so that they can be confident in their ability to live a full and happy life.


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