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Our Luxury Care Home in Bearsden

Situated in the leafy suburbs of Bearsden, East Dunbartonshire and spread across three floors with floor-to-ceiling views of Glasgow and the spectacular Old Kilpatrick Hills, Westerton Care Home offers excellent standards of Nursing, Dementia, Respite and Residential Care in the most idyllic location.

Nestled on a quiet hillside suburb of Bearsden, Westerton Care Home is surrounded by its own perfectly landscaped gardens as well as incredible views of Glasgow City and the charming town. Surrounded by a plethora of places to visit and things to do, Westerton Care Home is perfectly positioned for residents to take advantage of the beauty Bearsden has to offer and allow them to really immerse themselves in the local area.

The Activities Team curate programmes for our amazing residents that provide ample opportunity for all to experience the wonderful things that Bearsden has to offer. Day trips are regularly scheduled, allowing residents to enjoy the community; from trips to Bearsden Cross Town Centre to bigger events such as visiting the historic Roman Antonine Wall. 

Westerton Care Home in Bearsden is within the ideal location for residents and their family members to enjoy days out together and continue making wonderful memories; from Kilmardinny Loch Nature Reserve to a range of shops and eateries through to beautiful imposing Churches, there really is something for everyone here in Glasgow.


Residential Care in Bearsden

Residential Care, sometimes referred to as “Group Living Arrangement”, can make a significant difference to the lives of all our residents. Residential Care at Westerton Care Home means living life the way that residents want to; when it comes to this type of person-centred care, the support each one of our residents receive is specifically tailored to suit them and their needs. 

We believe it is important to take a comprehensive approach to Residential Care, ensuring that the physical, mental and emotional needs of our residents are entirely met. We value our resident’s strengths and skillsets, and encourage them to use them and maintain their independence as much as possible while staying with us; where we will provide high-quality Residential Care where individuals can continue living a happy and fulfilled life in Bearsden.

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Specialist Dementia Care in Bearsden

At Westerton, we deliver compassionate and specialist care for residents with a diagnosis of dementia. Our state-of-the-art, purpose-built care home offers exemplary standards of Dementia Care within a comfortable and homely setting. We strongly believe all residents should be given the opportunity to lead the life they want, and our care home staff strive to give them the independence and ability to do so.

Working closely with residents and families, we ensure the care planning process is collaborative and inclusive, meaning all care provided is ongoing along with the plans and ensuring they reflect the needs and wishes of the residents living with us. Our care team is fully supported in their ongoing training, ensuring all staff are highly skilled and fully knowledgeable in all areas of the condition.

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Nursing Care in Glasgow

If you’re looking for Bearsden Nursing Homes, Westerton Care Home provides 24-hour nursing care, delivering experienced, friendly and compassionate support to residents with significant and complex medical conditions. Whether local residents or community members require a minimal level of care or more intensive support is needed, our qualified nursing team is on hand to provide residents with the correct amount of assistance needed, at the highest standards. Our team is highly trained and has the skills and knowledge to support our residents with physical disabilities, high dependency needs and those who require Palliative Care

Our care home manager is supported by professionally qualified nurses and care assistants. Nursing Care is delivered using a method known as ‘Key Nursing’; each resident is allocated a dedicated nurse who will not only provide high-quality, compassionate care, offer regular reviews on their care plans, but is always on hand to offer personal care, answering any queries or anxieties relatives or their loved ones may have. Our local care home appreciates and admires the individuality of all of our residents and strives to provide a comfortable life where joy can be found every day, alongside safe essential visits from friends and family here in Bearsden.

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Respite Care in Bearsden

At Westerton Care Home, our staff understand the importance of carers taking some time out every now and then and really focusing on their health and overall well being. Whether a carer yourself or a visiting resident, our Respite Care is an invaluable solution for those who need short-term care or just that little extra support on their journey to recovery.

Our care home staff are fully committed to going above and beyond, our residents are always our number one priority. We can guarantee to be on hand to ensure respite residents are given the opportunity to recover in a truly comfortable environment with the support of our attentive team.

Whatever your circumstances are, any challenging times ahead, our own home and our team will do everything possible to ensure everyone has a pleasant experience and a speedy recovery.

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Westerton Care Home and the Local Area

Positioned on a quiet hillside suburb of Bearsden, Westerton Care Home residents can enjoy wonderful views of Glasgow City before even stepping outside. From the comfort of their own home, residents are able to sit back and enjoy floor to ceiling views of Glasgow and the spectacular Old Kilpatrick Hills. For those wanting to really soak up the spectacular views Scotland has to offer, Westerton Care Home offers an abundance of activities to be enjoyed, from historical church visits to country park walks, Westerton Care Home sits within the perfect location for residents and their loved ones to really enjoy Bearsden and the surrounding area.

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Carry on Doing What You Love at Westerton

We make every effort to ensure that residents are stimulated and thoroughly enjoying life on a daily basis. Those living at Westerton Care Home in Westerton have multiple opportunities to make the most of every day, from mealtimes to a leisurely stroll around the gardens; everyone can relax in a warm and friendly environment where joy can be found in the smallest of ways.

Daily life at Westerton Care Home is varied, personalised, and allows each individual to lead a content life; from participating in our activities programme to attending trips to the local community around Bearsden, we dedicate ourselves to offering activities and opportunities that allow residents to be social and have fun.


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