Living Area

Relaxation Areas

Here at Westerton Care Home, we have thoughtfully designed our home with plenty of amenities that have been built to constantly promote the health, safety, and happiness of each and every one of our residents. This allows us to really help our residents make the most of every day.

 Our family values are always going to prioritise providing the best possible care experience for our residents, as we really do understand that moving to our care home is guaranteed to be a major change for everyone, but at Westerton Care Home, we intend on making it an enjoyable and relaxing start by emphasising our designated, relaxing areas throughout the building.

Care That Puts You First

We believe that it is absolutely critical that each and every one of our residents feels completely at ease while staying with us here at Westerton Care Home, and that they are constantly encouraged to face each day with enthusiasm by our staff, their supportive families and their lovely, lovely friends. 

The ability to engage closely with each resident and their families is something we really do value here at Westerton Care Home, and all of our staff members really do appreciate the journey’s our residents have been on to get to where they are today. This is one thing that has always been extremely important to us here at Westerton Care Home, and you can be sure that we are absolutely dedicated to building relationships and trust with both our residents and their loved ones.

Resident and Staff at Nail bar