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Here at Westerton Care Home, we have thoughtfully designed our home with plenty of amenities that have been built to constantly promote the health, safety, and happiness of each and every one of our residents. This allows us to really help our residents make the most of every day.

 Our family values are always going to prioritise providing the best possible care experience for our residents, as we really do understand that moving to our care home is guaranteed to be a major change for everyone, but at Westerton Care Home, we intend on making it an enjoyable and relaxing start by emphasising our designated, relaxing areas throughout the building.

Appreciating Moments of Peace & Quiet 

Westerton Care Home is a welcoming, fun and inclusive nursing home that has been created to the highest of standards. Our residence is divided into three floors, each with large spacious lounges, dining rooms, and quiet areas to provide our residents with the maximum amount of space and privacy. Throughout the building, there is a large selection of reading materials, including many print books with bigger fonts. Our mobile library and the variety of novels it contains are always available and changed on a regular basis, ensuring that our residents always have access to the best new and exciting titles.

living room area
One of Our Bedrooms

Encouraging Use of our Sensory Room

Many of our residents here at Westerton Care Home live with cognitive impairments, such as dementia or autism, and often have difficulty comprehending exactly what’s going on around them. This can make individuals feel anxious, uncomfortable and completely unsure of themselves, making it difficult for them to interact with others. That’s why our sensory room here has been specially created for our residents; it’s been designed as a place with a variety of items that stimulate the senses in order to alleviate any pressure or stress for our residents.

Sensory therapy is incredibly beneficial, and one of the primary advantages of our sensory room is that by using it, resident’s become less fearful of the world around them. By reducing an individual’s fears, a deeper trust and connection can form between our residents and their personal caregiver, giving them the opportunity to open up to our team and get the support they deserve.

Sensory Room at Westerton Care Home
Residents Watching Live Music

What You’ll Find at Westerton

At our care home, we prioritise the well-being of our residents by creating a home-from-home environment to offer both comfort and individualised support through a multitude of facilities and services.

Sensory Room

Comfortable Seating

Relaxing Atmosphere

Relaxation Areas FAQs

The purpose of our sensory room is to provide a relaxing environment for residents with certain health conditions. In our sensory room, you will find different seating options, coloured lighting, a projector, a foot spa, soft furnishings and tactile objects.

Residents can either sit and read a book or newspaper, or quietly play a tabletop game such as chess or cards. Residents can also watch a film or TV programme on the television. For residents visiting the sensory room, they can participate in a range of sensory activities.

We have a few relaxing areas at Westerton including quiet living areas, a sensory room and an outdoor area.

Tailored Care That Goes The Extra Mile

Situated in Bearsden, Glasgow, our care home offers a wide range of care services. We believe in the importance of providing every resident with exceptional care and the freedom to pursue their hobbies, interests, and make new connections.

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