Book lovers unite at Westerton

Our residents have been enjoying regular book group sessions since lockdown first began back in March.

Our Activities Team Leader, Lorraine Marshall started the group with a view of getting all the book lovers in one place to enjoy a weekly reading.

As an avid reader and retired English teacher, one of our residents, Christine Wilby volunteered to take up the mantel as book group host. Christine is delighted to be sharing her love of literacy with her friends and is really happy with the current theme of Scottish (particularly Glaswegian) banter.

Books covered so far include Cummoangetaff!: The Adventures of Big Aggie MacDonald, The Glasgow Tramcar Clippie, by Allan Morrison and The Steamie, by Tony Roper – an excerpt of which you can listen to in our short video on our Facebook page.

There are numerous benefits associated with attending a Book Club – as well as being a fantastic stress buster, it’s a great way to strike up interesting chat and debate about a variety of topics. Watch this space for more updates.

So what books would you recommend to the Club?

Watch this space for more updates…

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